Spend a Spring Weekend in Mr. Jefferson’s Neighborhood

Mulberry Row at Monticello. (Google Images)

Mulberry Row at Monticello. (Google Images)

With spring here and summer around the corner, visitors to beautiful central Virginia will be on the upswing. And who can blame them? With pleasant breezes and verdant views in all directions, who wouldn’t want to be here right now? So with that in mind, we have come up with the perfect weekend in Mr. Jefferson’s neighborhood — whether you are visiting for just a few days or already live here.
Friday night — There is only one place to be in Charlottesville on a Friday night and that’s on the Downtown Mall. Fridays After Five will be your entertainment and you have your choice of dozens of restaurants, cafes, and food trucks for dinner and dessert options. The people watching can’t be beat.

Saturday morning – The City Market on Water Street is an energetic and lively place to be on Saturday mornings. Bring a market basket or cloth shopping bag and plan to browse the stalls of locally-grown produce, pick up some local baked goods, or nosh on made-on-the-spot eats.

Saturday afternoon – Why not go for a walk? Wander around the University of Virginia, then stop on the corner for an iced coffee at one of the many coffee shops.

Saturday evening – You’ll definitely want to go out for dinner but where to go? We like Duner’s, which is in Ivy, west of Charlottesville. The drive is beautiful and the food is worth the extra effort.

Sunday brunch – So many options. How do you decide? Really, you can’t go wrong with any place on the Downtown Mall or on the Corner, but if you want a relaxed place with excellent food and great outdoor seating, try Beer Run. It’s east of downtown and parking is easy.

Sunday afternoon – After eating your weight in Eggs Benedict, you’ll want to move around a little. Head up to Monticello for a tour and definitely explore the grounds afterward. This time of year, there’s always something interesting to see in Mr. Jefferson’s gardens.


No matter what you choose to do, you won’t be bored. Charlottesville has so many offerings, you’re guaranteed a lovely weekend.